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Monday, August 20, 2012

Winners Never Quit

New start to biggest loser....new goals for biggest loser. My first goal was to attend the 5:30am Fit Camp Monday, Tuesday, Wednesday, and Friday. At 4:30 am I woke straight up out of my bed and forced myself to sleep the last 30 mins so that I would not be dragging as the day went on. When 5:00 came and that alarm went off it was a different story. I was not happy about seeing that number on my alarm clock. Maybe I should have just woken up at 4:30 when my body woke me up. Oh well. I got up and debated for about a minute and remembered my goal. Put on my shoes and headed out. "Winners never quit" I repeated to myself over and over...a little olympic spirit there...haha! Eyes were puffy and I was not so alert but I was doing it... I was completing a goal! GO ME! I made it through the workout and when I was done I was overjoyed that I was done with that for the day. I did not have to worry about rushing home to get ready for FC or going later and getting home late. I want to remember the joy that I felt this morning as I was sitting and drinking my coffee and not running around like crazy drinking my coffee. My eyes are a little heavy today, but I will get used to it, I am just excited to know that when 5pm comes I can go home and take a short nap. I also was pretty relaxed this morning because I was prepared this morning. I bought a 8x13 tupperware and I prepped all of my snacks for the week. I put everything in there and when I headed out the door I took it with me. That is going to save me time during the evenings and in the mornings when I am too tired in the evenings. Two great steps toward making this lifestyle work. Blogging will be an exciting part of this journey, once again, I will try to be more consistent to blog daily. I started looking at the new tools Bethany gave us for this go around and I am excited. One thing about me... I am not very disciplined...but I LOVE lists! If only my passion for planning with flow through to my doing. I am getting there though!! Small goals Meagan! Small goals! Well, I better get to work! I will blog later.

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