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Wednesday, August 22, 2012

Easy like Sunday Morning...

Once again it is safe to say I got up for 5:30am Fit Camp!! I got up yesterday but it was cancelled due to bad weather so I went ahead and rested. I have been itching to make a fritatta and as you can see above I did! It is full of veggies and protein and I am excited. After Fit Camp this morning I was extremely glad I made this. Having something like this ready made my life that much easier. I started my keurig, and while it was brewing, I popped this bad boy and a sweet potato (in a steam fresh bag) in the microwave, cut up half and avocado and by the time my coffee was done so was my breakfast. It took all about 4 minutes. That made my morning that much more enjoyable because I was able to SIT and enjoy my cup of coffee with a delicious breakfast. I am so used to running around frazzled in the mornings and it was so peaceful. I am a little nervous today about my eating. We have been stuck in meetings since yesterday, lunch included, and it is really hard to make good decisions when SOMEONE ELSE is ordering for you. Yesterday they did good, they ordered Roly Poly and I was able to enjoy a salad from there. Today, it is a completely different ball game, I have NO clue what is being ordered and I have NO clue if I can eat any of it. Mind you, I could have brought my lunch, but I was advised by my boss that was not a good idea as I would not have the opportunity to get it ready. One more day of meetings tomorrow...I may just bring my lunch just in case. Tim is really excited this week because he gets to return to his first love  favorite sport, Brazillian Jiu Jitzu. He has been dying to get back in and grapple. I am excited for him too, partially because he talks about missing it all the time which is a little annoying, and because I am happy he can enjoy another activity. He is pretty disciplined with his Body Building, but I think it is time for a little extra. He is getting a little burnt out. I am planning on trying a new yoga class at that time so it will be something new for me too. I am not a huge fan of yoga, to be honest I down right HATE yoga, but I felt that maybe for stress and flexibility I may give it another go. I can like yoga... I can like yoga... I can like yoga. Maybe I can like yoga?

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