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Saturday, August 18, 2012

Blogging like it's hot...

Here we go again... Monday starts round 2 of Eating Clean. I am really glad to start over. These past couple of weeks have been really rough. My mindset has changed this time, rather than saying "I cannot win,"  my mentality is "I will win." I have to have that mindset to make sure I am giving it my all this time and getting back up each time I fall. No more wallowing in self pity or binges but really breaking through this food barrier. I am healthier, happier, and more focused when eating clean and I do not plan on falling back into the old lifestyle. This is my new lifestyle and I am eager to keep going on. I have changed some things slightly. My blog for instance will have a lot more posts, recipes I will be trying, and little exercise bits here and there. I have broken the program up in to 6 weeks so that I do not overwhelm myself with the thought of 12 weeks again. I killed it the first 6 weeks the last program and then it fell apart the following 6 weeks. I am trying anything I can to keep that focus. Saturdays will be my meal planning days and Sundays will be my prep days for the week. I AM going to make it to the 5:30am class of boot camp this first 6 weeks. There is no reason I cannot be disciplined and get up early. I have been asking everyone if they will be going to the 5:30am class just so that I can have some accountability to get there. We can do this!

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