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Thursday, August 30, 2012

Down Falls and Pit Stops...

You see that picture?! You see those delicious fries?! Those things are the biggest struggle I have with eating clean. I crave fries all the time and every time I am around them...what do I do?! I eat them. WHY OH WHY is this so dang hard? I realized last night when I was leaving Chick Fil A, three things, 1) fries are on my hit list. Those things have GOT to go. 2) I was not prepared and when you are not prepared you fail. 3) When pulling out of the parking lot I could not even remember what they tasted like. Sounds like a waste to me. I have been pretty lax and I need to tighten up if I want my body to tighten up. I waste too much time "thoughtlessly" eating.  I have not been going crazy or anything but last night at dinner was a prime example. I ate those dang fries with no remorse...until after they were gone. I need to quit being a grazer...grazing is for cows...and I REALLY don't want to be a cow. September is looking to be quite a fearful month for me eating clean wise. Football Season (ROLL TIDE,)labor day weekend, my anniversary, and my birthday! I guess I have to look at it differently from now on. Actually I need to. I will have to make sacrifices. How about a little dessert NO dessert on my anniversary, but maybe some on my birthday? Idk. I can only take it a little at a time. I am really looking forward to September though. It is hands down my favorite month, and of course the reason being, it celebrates me! Tim and I got a new living room set already for our anniversary so I doubt I will be showered with gifts, but I do have a little something up my sleeves. I am HOPING for football tickets for my birthday! hint...hint... Roll Tide!

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