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Saturday, August 25, 2012

Week 1 Low Down...

1lb of Fat!
Here it is! The end of Week 1. I  lost 1lb and I am OK with that. I worked hard this week and I am proud. I tried a new strategy with planning, which worked great, and I changed my workout routine. 5:30am workouts will now be my thing along with yoga once a week. I overall have enjoyed this week. My head has been hurting the last few days, but yesterday marked the visit of my monthly friend, so I am certain that is the problem. Tim started Jujitsu again and he is loving it. His Saturday morning workouts will work out well for me because I will be able to take that time for myself. Once I get finished blogging I will finish cleaning and then I will start my workout for the day. After today I will have worked out 5 times this week. I am proud of that. I also want to spend some time today planning for next weeks meals! Overall it has been a good week!

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