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Tuesday, June 5, 2012

Day 16...

Here we are! Day 16!! I cannot believe it has been 16 whole days of clean eating. Other than a killer stomach ache from something I ate at a buffett (nothing that seemed bad...ie chicken?) on Sunday I have done a great job! I am so proud. I did not realize the temptations I am faced with each day. Come Saturday it will be the 3rd time in 3 weeks I will be tempted with cupcakes. How many times was I tempted with cupcakes before and did not think a thing about it? That is something that makes me cringe a little inside. This lifestyle change is not really hard and I am enjoying it. This week hs probably been the roughest thus far because I started my period...eew...and I am so focused on getting the shower ready for Saturday. I went home yesterday and started the deep cleaning process that will take a few days. I grabbed hold of the living room yesterday and cleaned it from top to bottom...literally. It took me FOREVER to vaccuum the couch but I am glad that is done. I also started the dining room. I will just need to vaccuum that and the entry way today. Tomorrow I am planning on tackling the downstairs bathroom and the stairs. That will leave just the kitchen which will need some major head to toe cleaning to make sure there is no trace of the doggies. I feel a little stressed over my eating probably because I am hungry but I don't want to eat. I am not trying to starve myself or anything but when  I am on my period that is the last thing I want to worry about. I have also struggled a little with my water intake the last two days. I think I am going to need to set a timer on my phone and make sure I drink a cup each time it goes off. All in all though it still has been an amazingly wonderful process. I look forward to seeing the scale this week. I am a little anxious as I am on my period but no worries. Since it rained yesterday and class was cancelled i did the at home Rainy Day workout...and lets just be honest that sucked BIG time! Bethany sure knows how to kill your body; in a good way.  She really has been an absolute pleasure as well as Tracy. I felt really comfortable at Saturday's meeting just hearing Tracy's story and seeing the triump she has had over her past weight issues. That sure is inspiring. I also read a blog post from one of the girls in the group...Natalie. It was great to hear her experiences with the biggest loser thus far. I have enjoyed getting to know the girls and I feel that the two I have connected with the most thus far are Natalie and Ashley. They really are sweet wonderful ladies and I look forward to the rest of the journey with them. I cannot believe we are already on week 3! WOW. I keep hearing that people will start to taper off but our group still seems to be going strong. There is a lot of competition and I love competition. I find my success is just taking it day by day, meal by meal, temptation by temptation! I am in it for more than just  at the end. I am in it for THE prize, which is a more confident and happy me! Tim is also a wonderful encouragement. He gets so proud of me eating clean that he just sweeps me up and hugs me tight. It is actually a really wonderful feeling knowing he cares so much about me being healthy. I love that man! I am still concerned about Saturday...considering I have given the food over to someone else. The only great thing is that I will be at my house so I can just eat things that I have. :)

I just realized that I did not post my loss from last week! 3lbs...finally! I was so excited and so proud. In 11 days 4lbs lost...that is pretty dang sweet! ;)

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