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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Holy Moly...

I was just thinking today...holy moly we are almost 1/3 of the way through the program. I am calling it a program not a contest now since my main focus is me and not on my "competition." I am still sticking to the diet hard and I am really excited to see where the scale will go. Today was a huge rush for me since, I had a meeting with a church about their insurance, and I was worried about getting adequate food and snacks prepared. I feel pretty confident I made it. I have made a habit of having scrambled eggs with veggies and a fruit every day for breakfast. I incorporated flax seeds again even though it really hurt my stomach before. I am trying to figure out if it even was the flax seeds that caused me so much trouble. So far so good. Bootcamp last night was INSANE...probably one of the hardest workouts yet. Jess really made sure to kick our butts over and over and over again. I am just glad I made it through. I have a little tension in my left shoulder today but that is to be expected with all we did yesterday. I am wondering what to do for lunch today. I will not be able to go home like usual and considering the crazy rush I was in this morning I feel unprepared. I HAVE to run by the bank on my lunch break because my atm card is missing so I know I wont have time to prepare lunch. I am looking around and thinking of doing barberitos for their guacamole salad of panera for their greek salad. YUM. I have taken out meat for lunches this week since it really bothers my stomach and the choices around me seem pretty limited, but oh well, I will get it figured out. I also have decided to go "black" with my coffee. I know the saying "once you go black you wont go back," but um... that will be a negative with coffee. I still cannot get used to the taste. I drink it though since I have IBS and it helps with my stomach. Boo! Lynn in our group is having everyone over next Monday and I am excited. It will be a great time to get together and enjoy a meal and fellowship. I have gotten to know a few girls but it will be nice to get to know more. :)
I posted this picture on the Biggest Loser page because it was great motivation for me. Since the program is 12 weeks I felt it was more than appropriate to keep going. I am going to add this to my "vision board" that is our homework this week. It has been pretty eye opening thinking of what I want on my vision board. I don't have many goals with the program and I feel that needs to change. My only goal really is to lose 16 lbs and get my eating under control. I feel the process of switching foods has been so wonderful for my body that seems like a prize enough. I am still pushing through though. This will be week 3 of my "no wheat" and I am almost finished with "Wheat Belly." I am pretty certain that is not going in my body again. I guess it helps now that I am getting tested for celiac disease. I read the chapter on that and I was like "have that, that, that and that." What a change taking 1 thing out of your diet can make! I am excited to the world of food I am now exposed to. I noticed my allergies have also been better! wahooo! Go me!

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