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Wednesday, June 13, 2012

Oh my weightloss...

Holy Cow! I have some fantastic news. I am so glad I purchased the wonderful chevron dress from The Purple Peacock Boutique! As shown above. I ordered it concerned that I would not fit in it and have to wait until I could wear it. I got the guts to try it on today and to my surprise it did not fit! It was too big! WAHOO! I knew it would be about a size small and boy was I wrong. I cannot believe it has not even been a month and the weight loss has been slow but I am seeing phenomenal results. It gave me extreme confidence and assurance that this is the right lifestyle change. This is not a diet but a complete overhaul of my previous food addiction and emotional eating. I have shown myself that I can do this and it can be easy. People are always looking for a quick fix and I was once there, but anything worth doing is worth doing well and worth fighting for, for the long haul. You cannot get skinny overnight just like you didn't get fat overnight. It takes time and energy. It takes getting your mind right and your heart right. I have always placed food as a high priority and not for fuel but for comfort. What a mistake. What can food do for you other than grant you fuel? It cannot comfort you when you are sad or stressed. It cannot stop one from being bored. Food is not ment to be up on a pedastool and should never be the place to turn in hard and happy times. I am learning that. I need to do other things and remember what eating clean has done for my body. I am no longer fighting headaches, stomach pain and bloating everyday. I am clean. My mental and emotional health have also benefited. How wonderful is that? I am able to associate my eating with pride and not shame and I never want to go back. Is a cupcake really worth it? I don't think so! I mean I have passed on cupcakes 4 times since I started the process. What a huge step forward. I am so happy to see where this takes me and this is just the beginning. :)

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