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Tuesday, June 19, 2012

How sweet it is...

Week 5 is in full force! Wahoo. I am moving forward and still really confident in the changes I am seeing in my body. I have treated myself 1 time and that was on Sunday. At the dangerfields they had ice cream, chips, potato salad, etc. You name it and it was there. I did well sticking to the cherries and veggie tray but I did reward myself with a bite of my husbands smore. I did not feel guilty because well I did not eat more than that. It allows me to feel that I can be trusted in situations like that. I still have a long way to go but I am getting closer to my goal day by day. We will have a weigh in this Saturday which I am anxious about it. My goal is 4lbs but I know that may be stretching it for me considering 1lb losses are my friend. If I lost 4 that would make my weight loss be around 8lbs in 5 weeks. Not too shabby. However, if I lose 2 that is ok to...I will just be a turtle in my weight loss. Yesterday I printed 6 copies of my vision board and posted them everywhere I would look in my house. I also printed out a portion size guideline. I think I may have been eating bigger portion sizes than I should. I am meeting my sweet friend Rose todayand we usually always get Mexican food. I asked her where she wanted to go...and of course... it is Mexican. I am pretty confident though that I will be fine. I just want to stay away from the chips and cheese dip. Yum! I am excited to see her though since she leaves Thursday and will be in Europe all summer. So lucky! She is pictured below:
I cannot believe that was almost 2 years ago! Man I was a lot heavier then. I love her though and I do wish her safe travels and a romantic relationship with a hot european. Fingers crossed. Well off to lunch I go!

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