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Friday, June 15, 2012

Vision Board...

I did it. I completed my homework for this week. Above is my vision board for the next 8 weeks. I really had to take time and think about what is a goal and what can be measured. After much thought this week I put this together. I want to grow physically, mentally, emotionally, and definetly spiritually these next 8 weeks. I feel like physically I cannot accomplish my goals if I am spiritually am out of wack. I am pretty excited about this. I need to start back up working on 5k running. I have not ran a 5k since April and I did stop then. I would love to have my next 5k be finished 100% by running and not resting. I also have warded off all cupcakes. I am trying to eat better and I have seen that cupcakes are the next "big thing" in the sweets department. I am warding those off! I also have a few bench marks I would like to meet. I would like to be able to do 40 pushups in a minute and hold the plank for 2 mins. I think I can do this... wait... I know I can do this! Tim and I are going to dinner and coffee tonight and I am really looking forwad to getting alone with him and have a date. He is such a wonderful man and I am so grateful that he pursued me and married me! :) I got a little off track with that...but he is pretty amazing! I also found a picture from before I started working out and eating right...see below!

I cannot believe that was me! It is really hard to look at that picture because I honestly did not know I was that big. It was a shock to me when I saw these pictures because I never saw myself that way. What a wake up call. I cannot believe I started this journey 3 years ago and have lost 30lbs to date. Last year I stayed the same weight and now I am really trying to lose the last 30lbs. My goal for these 12 weeks is 16 so we shall see how it goes. :)
This was me this past weekend...not the best angle and I was playing a shower game, but I look so much better than I did before and I am excited.

What a great journey so far! Progress may be slow but slow is still progress.

Here  are some more pictures:

As you can see the before pictures are from the same party... I obviously did not wany my pictures taken then!

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