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Friday, June 8, 2012

Oh My Lanta...

So it is 10am and I feel like I have already put in a full days worth of work. Last night it was unbearably hot in the house so I went and checked on my AC annnnd it was broken. :(  I tried so hard to sleep but that did not happen until early morning. Then I overslept...ugh...missed bootcamp and had to eat breakfast on the run. So as I am grabbing all of my stuff to head on out I try to walk out the door...it is stuck...so I tried to unlock it...still stuck...ugh!!! What the heck kind of day is this turning out to be? Oh well. Usually I would say on a day like this, screw this, and everything I needed to complete today. That would mean, eating what I wanted, not giving 100% at work, not cooking and MOST DEFINETLY not working out. That has all changed now. Rather than going into crisis mode I have decided that I just need to take a deep breath and call the locksmith to unlock the door and I can get the HVAC guy to come. Crisis averted. WHEW! I am a little concerned still about my weigh in tomorrow. I have not eaten poorly but I am on my period so I am nervous at how it will affect me. I hope I am not discouraged again. I just need to take a few deep breaths and move forward. Today is going by increadibly slow but I guess that gives me time to get me "to do" list done so things will move right along when I get home. Thankfully I have a wonderful husband off today who is going to take care of the kitchen! whew!

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