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Thursday, May 31, 2012

Delightful Bites Bakery...

What a day! Work has been pretty low key today considering I am the only one in my department and my computer was attacked by a trojan! Ugh...pretty stressful but still not the worst day I have had. I could have killed someone yesterday. I killed a decent amount of my time today getting Linsey's baby shower decorations together. I have the flowers ordered, the balloons ordered, the cupcakes ordered, invitations sent, and the monogrammed pails are in process as we speak. I still have to finish up painting the birdhouse and get the banner but I am seeing the end of the tunnel. My vision is coming to light. I have started rearranging my furniture and adding the vases for my 20 stems of Hydrangea's and my 3 dozen pink Roses spread around the house. I even put the satin table cloths down and have hung the chinese lanterns around the room. Pink is everywhere and I L.O.V.E. it! I also have the Anderson's shower finalized for Sunday!! WAHOO! So, as I was sitting the basking in my pure party planning awesomeness this MASSIVE box comes in my office. I was not expecting a massive box so I tore in to that thing like it was Christmas. I opened it up and it was completely full of goodies from one of my companies that I just signed on with! I wish that company knew I was finished with such goodies. Temptation was only there slightly as I handed out the cookies to everyone that would take them. Satisfaction came over me...one small victory today! WAHOO! So I get back to work and remembered today is one of my co-workers birthday's and we always to fabulous cupcakes from Neopolitian or Delightful Bites bakery. I quickly put it in my head that it is just a cupcake and I don't need it. I then got a call from my boss that said it was my day to get the cupcakes...KILL ME... so after lunch I trotted over to my favorite cupcake place and the smell overtook me! All of these cupcake flavors and I was supposed to pick a dozen. Torture. I picked the chocolatiest and most delightful cupcakes I could find...why because I torture myself. I then drived back, my car smelling like delicious cupcakes, and I drop them off and forget about them...for an hour. We then had to congregate and I not only had to hand each person the cupcake of their choice, but as tradition would have it, I had to sit there and spend adequate birthday time watching them eat their cupcakes. I DID NOT HAVE EVEN ONE BITE and you know what... I was ok. The temptation was there a little saying "just one bite" but I didn't! So I would say so far BIG HUGE SUCCESSES FOR ME TODAY! I am so proud.

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