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Wednesday, May 30, 2012

How quickly things click...this time

So it is day 10 and I have may days to go, but I am LOVING this new lifestyle. I have gone 10 whole days...no cheating! Also, no desire to cheat....which is strange for me. I have heard time and time again that one day someone started a new eating lifestyle and it just "clicked." Well for the first time I can actually say this time I am that person. I am also loving the punishment that is called Bootcamp. I went three times last week and did homework excercises two times. I went today and it was hot, tiring, and satisfying! So glad I made it through. I am planning on going tomorrow for Cardio Bootcamp and Friday morning for strength. We weigh in on Saturday and I am looking or should I say hoping for a good loss this week. I have read a little of "wheat belly" and it has been interesting. I still have a ways to go in that book too but one page at a time. :)

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